Rory Bialostosky for West Linn City Council
Elect "Rory for Real Change"

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Rory was recently interviewed by the League of Women Voters. Check out the video below! 

Additionally, you can view Rory’s statement in the Clackamas County Voters’ Pamphlet by clicking here!

A Message from Rory:

Dear community member,

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my website to understand more about me and my campaign for a seat on the West Linn City Council. Many have asked how you can help me get elected. Making a campaign contribution through the Donation page is a great start. Displaying a yard sign, contacting who you know to inform them about our campaign, and distributing yard signs or campaign literature to friends and neighbors are all also very helpful. Use the Volunteer page to get involved.

Our City is a great place to live. Among other things, our parks, schools, quiet neighborhoods, local businesses, restaurants, and strong sense of community make West Linn a desirable place to be.

All of that being said, our City government–namely, our City Council–leaves much to be desired. Council meeting frequency and duration has skyrocketed, all while meaningful progress on issues that matter to our community has been stagnant and at times undoubtably going backwards. West Linn does not have time to waste.

On my Priorities page, you will find some of the ideals and ideas that I seek to bring to our government, including my pledge to restore fundamental principles of transparency, strong advocacy for residents on the tolling of I-205, proposals to ensure more equitable and just policing, fostering regional partnerships with important stakeholders, continuing work on the exciting Waterfront Project and more.

I believe that I have what it takes to bring about the positive change that so many West Linn residents seek at City Hall. Let’s make our government respectable and work together to make meaningful progress on the issues that matter.

I sincerely hope to earn your vote.

With gratitude,


By Tuesday, November 3, 2020 vote for
Rory Bialostosky for West Linn City Council